Custom Team Logos

So you would like to cement your team brand online! If you are starting a clan or team your potential members, fans and rival teams will identify you with your emblem / logo. Take your team brand to the next level with a high quality logo that will set your team / clan apart from the competition.

What do you get in the logo kit?

  • High Quality logo
  • Avatar (High Resolution)
  • Custom 1920 x 1080 wallpaper
  • Digital Print Ready
  • Up to 4k Animated Logo

We also provide you with the most popular format used for large format printing, T-Shirt Printing and electronic usage.

Logo Design eSport
Starter Logo

* Master Logo (PSD)
* Png Logo
* Avatar

Cost : $50
Team Logo Design

* Master Logo (PSD)
* Png Logo
* Team Avatars

Cost : $150
Animated Logo

* Master Logo (PSD)
* Png Logo
* Animated Logo 2k

Cost : $250
Animated Logo design

There is just to many benefits promoting a brand video format to mention as video forms part of our everyday life. Thinking of the animated media the next level in branding solutions.

Add your brand logo to video up to 4k HD quality formats make the impact. Our animated logos will integrate seamlessly with other media and you will have the option to set your quality requirements. Video Intros starting at $300 Animated logos at $199 contact us to discuss your requirements